Edith Lake Wilkinson on Facebook
Edith Lake Wilkinson on Facebook

Edith Lake Wilkinson

We're delighted to report that Edith is back in Provincetown.  

Twenty-two of her works arrived in a wooden crate that was stenciled with the word, FRAGILE.  But she's not feeling so fragile these days. People are coming from all around to view her paintings and wood cuts and charcoals which are literally glowing on the deep green walls of the Larkin Gallery.



Her show is the hot ticket in town and Edith surely could turn into a diva with all the attention that she's getting.  But no.  Edith is just profoundly grateful that she's been released from the trunk and that the town that she loved so much has welcomed her back.  We don't mean to make her blush, but the art community here thinks she's one of the greats and they hope to keep a bit of her here to join the ranks of her more famous fellow artists.  Edith is still a bit dazed by it all.  She's taking a lot of long walks down the streets where she used to paint. It's Fall here and the sunflowers in the gardens are bowing their big cadmium-yellow heads  and the ocean is a wickedly clear ultramarine-blue.  That's what it's all about.  That's why she had to come back.

PS: From the moment we arrived in Provincetown it was as if the entire town wrapped its arms around us and gave Team Edith a giant collective hug. Immense gratitude to all who helped us, introduced us around, let us interview them, made us dinner, shared their stories, their opinions, their art and their homes with us. We are one grateful crew.

We are still on the road filming, but watch for an additional update in a few weeks with another progress report.  Thanks again for ALL your support!







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